Male Hair Loss Treatments: How quick realization and faster decisions can provide better results

Hair Loss Treatment In Hyderabad, Bangalore & Vijayawada

Male pattern hair loss that is also known as Androgenetic Alopecia tends to affects half of the men to some extent as they grow older. In the early stages it starts with receding hairline around the temples and then there is also thinning of the hair around crown too. It is perhaps the first indication that one needs to take a quick decision plus action to preserve the natural hair.

People often tend to believe that it is in the last stage of hair loss that one needs to go for treatment or medication. But it is not true. If one wants to get the proper treatment for hair loss, it should be done as soon as one finds and realizes that they have started losing hair. The longer the wait, the chances of saving the natural hair becomes difficult. You should also understand that if the hair follicles have fallen out, hair will not grow back and the only choice left would be to undergo hair transplant. Hence, it is best to start doing whatever you can do to prevent further hair loss as you realize it.

Understanding Hair Loss & Androgenic Alopecia

Hair Loss generally would mean balding, excessive hair fall, hair thinning or total loss of hair. Although they sound and would mean the same thing – loss of hair, one must understand that there are different kinds of hair loss conditions that can affect. And it all depends on what the problem is and what is causing them.

Androgenic Alopecia: Hair loss in this condition usually starts at the crown of the head, then at the top and center and it usually forms a horseshoe shape. As the hair thinning follows a particular path, the condition is also known as pattern baldness.

People generally believe that certain factors like nutritional deficiency, extreme sweating, wearing a hat may cause male pattern baldness. But it is not true. If one suffers from Androgenic Alopecia, which means one is genetically predisposed to lose their hair. This particular hair condition called Androgenic Alopecia is a combined result of hormones by the name, androgens and genetics. Basically it’s the hereditary condition that is passed through genes programming the hair follicles that become sensitive to the hormonal changes in the scalp. Due to this, the body rejects them, which leads to hair loss.

What is the effective treatment for Hair Loss?

It’s very important to evaluate the hair loss condition before one goes in for any treatment. Time is also a big deciding factor for such procedures, as the treatment can only be effective as they can be only worked upon with the existing hair follicles or when the natural hair is present. Hence, it is very important that you approach a Hair Loss Treatment as soon you observe that you are losing lot of hair than normal. The team at RootzClinic will help you and work with you to create a treatment plan as per your hair loss needs. If you have started to find that you are losing hair, it is better to approach our clinic and check out how we help you to find the right treatment to reverse the hair loss.

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